Marches and other events 2017

Many events are organized around the globe for the WoDES: Montpellier (France - June 10th, Day for the end of speciesism), Bern (Switzerland - May 19th => June 23th, Four lectures about speciesism ; July 1st, march), Paris (France - August 26th, March), Nantes (France - 26.08, happenings), Perpignan (France - August 26th), Lausanne (Switzerland - August 25-26th, Great 24-hour-happening), Geneva (Switzerland - September 1-3, Three days of lectures about speciesism), Sydney (Australia - August 26th, Cube of Truth),  Melbourne (Australia - August 26th, March), Burleigh Beach, Queensland (Australia - August 26th, March), Hobart (Tasmania, Australia - August 26th, Gathering), Auckland (New Zealand - August 26th, March), Christchurch (New Zealand - 26.08, Cube of Truth), Toronto (Canada - August 26th, March), Montréal (Québec, Canada - August 20th, March), Sofia (Bulgaria - August 26, stand and conference), Ljubljana (Slovenia - August 25th, Performance), Roma (Italia - August 26th, Event, & September 16th, March), Parma (Italia -  26.02, Film), Bielefeld (Germany – 02.09, Art-demo), Düsseldorf (Germany, 26.08, March), Hannover (Germany – 02.09), Berlin (Germany - 26.08, Happening human meat), Warsaw (Poland - 26.08, Conference), Belfast (UK - 26.08, Happening human meat), London (UK - 26.08, Happening human meat), Canada (EdmontonHalifax, London, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver - 26.08, Happenings human meat), USA ( Ashville, Austin, Bimarck, Boston, Boulder, Charlotte, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Fresno, Los Angeles, Madison, Orlando, Phoenix, Pinellas, Raleigh, San Luis Obispo, SF Bay Area, Twin Cities - 26.08, Happenings human meat)...

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Here you will find various files (posters, flyers, banners, etc.) that you can use free of charge to raise awareness about speciesism and to promote this international event. If you wish to have the editable file format, for example to add the logo of your organization, contact us.

Banner "World Day for the End of Speciesism"