Marches and other events 2017

Many events are organized around the globe for the WoDES: Montpellier (France - June 10th, Day for the end of speciesism), Bern (Switzerland - May 19th => June 23th, Four lectures about speciesism ; July 1st, march), Paris (France - August 26th, March), Nantes (France - 26.08, happenings), Perpignan (France - August 26th), Lausanne (Switzerland - August 25-26th, Great 24-hour-happening), Geneva (Switzerland - September 1-3, Three days of lectures about speciesism), Sydney (Australia - August 26th, Cube of Truth),  Melbourne (Australia - August 26th, March), Burleigh Beach, Queensland (Australia - August 26th, March), Hobart (Tasmania, Australia - August 26th, Gathering), Auckland (New Zealand - August 26th, March), Christchurch (New Zealand - 26.08, Cube of Truth), Toronto (Canada - August 26th, March), Montréal (Québec, Canada - August 20th, March), Sofia (Bulgaria - August 26, stand and conference), Ljubljana (Slovenia - August 25th, Performance), Roma (Italia - August 26th, Event, & September 16th, March), Parma (Italia -  26.02, Film), Bielefeld (Germany – 02.09, Art-demo), Düsseldorf (Germany, 26.08, March), Hannover (Germany – 02.09), Berlin (Germany - 26.08, Happening human meat), Warsaw (Poland - 26.08, Conference), Belfast (UK - 26.08, Happening human meat), London (UK - 26.08, Happening human meat), Canada (EdmontonHalifax, London, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver - 26.08, Happenings human meat), USA ( Ashville, Austin, Bimarck, Boston, Boulder, Charlotte, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Fresno, Los Angeles, Madison, Orlando, Phoenix, Pinellas, Raleigh, San Luis Obispo, SF Bay Area, Twin Cities - 26.08, Happenings human meat)...

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